That is the word that pops into my mind on the rare occasion that I come across a fellow adoptee. More specifically, a Korean adoptee. Since the last time you heard from me, I have entered my senior year, working hard as ever. I have been pushed a little harder, a little farther just to stretch myself a little bit farther. As I sit here writing, I have around me nothing but clutter. Papers on my floor, papers on either side of my laptop. My body is seemingly cramped in this tiny space as I write. Instead of adding onto my assignment about assessing my family, I am browsing the internet, hoping to numb my mind. This assignment is tough, not in the sense that I am forced to do tedious research. It is hard because I am forced to take a good hard look at my family, and a good hard look at myself. I am sitting here dissecting our interactions, dynamics culture. These are all things that I can’t answer as succinctly as other people might.

But in my mindless search I found something. It’s as if I struck gold. On The Good Men Project (one of my new favorite sites, I swear it’s like crack) I was reading articles and came across one about racism and Asian Americans. I was intrigued. I loved the article and it led me to find that the author was a Korean adoptee, from very similar circumstances. I had to read on. Matthew Salesses is a genius. Point blank. He has touched upon topics that I couldn’t even properly express myself, including an open letter about adoption. He writes about other relevant things in his life such as his marriage and raising a child. Very entertaining writer and if I didn’t have stuff to do, I would probably sit here reading his articles all night. I am catching my second wind so as I try to tackle this very complex assignment I leave you with some great reading material.

Go check him out: Website.

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3 thoughts on “Comrade.

  1. This is too nice! It means a lot to me that people are out there reading and responding.

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