I am in the home stretch. Two more semesters and 4 more weeks of this graduate spanish class to go. Let me tell you, this class I am taking makes me want to bust into tears and start shaking when I even think about it. It’s hard, I have to try extra hard to keep up, and I feel like hitting my head against the wall repeatedly, because I feel dumb. I know that it is an honor to be there, and that the class will help me immensely, but so much anxiety and fear is being poured into it. To top everything off, I have decided to take on a lot of work to help pay for my bills.

A lot of people ask me what I plan on doing in a year when graduation falls upon me and I find myself out in the real world with a BSW in social work and the answer is, I have no idea. Really. Absolutely none. I have a couple choices with my BSW, and I swear I seem to change my mind just about every other day.


  • Go straight on to grad school
  • Take a year or two off to work
  • Volunteer abroad for a year
  • Do a combination of all three

I know, so many possibilities, and yet I am the most indecisive person in the world, so making this type of decision is killing me. Let’s explore each option:

Going straight to grad school is something that is really common for newly BSW students. They are available for advanced standing; within a year they will have an MSW and the ability to start their careers and lives in general. This was originally my plan when I first entered college, but it suddenly hit me that perhaps this was a hasty choice. I want to live my live and do things that I want to do. The pro is going straight through and not feeling overwhelmed after being out of school for a little while.

Take a year or two off to work is also a very popular choice. A lot of people get to application time and realize that they have no desire whatsoever to go straight to grad school or maybe they never got their applications in on time. Whatever the reason, they jump to the work field for a little. A very viable option, because it gives you a lot of experience and shows grad schools you took the time to get experience.

Volunteering abroad for a year is something that I have always wanted to do, but this is where things get tricky, and I get flustered. My plan was to try and volunteer for a couple months in an orphanage run through the agency I was adopted from. From there, I was going to try and spend some time in Latin America working on my spanish.

Combinations. The options are endless. Trust me. I think I have figured almost all of them out in my head. Obsessively. To the point where I lose sleep or stop focusing on my homework to focus on these things. You see my dilemma?

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One thought on “Passion.

  1. Instant Mama on said:

    I am 100% in favor of going abroad. Having done it a couple times, I can say that my experiences doing that are invaluable and have made me a better person, definitly more aware of other people and cultures. You would potentially have the added benefit of learning more about your own roots. You can still do the other two later. I met my hubby over there too – no promises on that front though!

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