I guess I am not too sure where to begin. Adoption has been on my mind for the past year. All I can think about is adoption, morning, day and night. I am starved for information. Starved for answers. Starved to figure out where it fits in my life now as a college junior, looking for a career path to take for graduation.

I am currently not in contact with any international adoptees, and I wonder if this is hindering me in some manner. Would it help me? Would it help me figure out a better sense of who I am as a Korean adoptee?

Originally I was going through this process in secret. No one had any idea that I was seriously thinking about my roots, but reading a blog called Adoptionechoes, I have become a little bit braver, trying to make more of an effort to find my place. The author’s name is Joy, and she has brought up a lot of topics that I have spent my time wondering about. She is a great writer and brings up topics of post adoption, being an adult adoptee, being a mother and being a social worker. I cannot express how much I love this blog, so I hope you can check it out. I hope to keep posting links to helpful sites I find.

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